How can I get financial assistance?

VA Benefits (800) 827-1000 www.vba.va.gov

 VA Health Benefits (877) 222-8387 www.va.gov/health/

VA Education (888) 442-4551 www.gibill.va.gov


*Speak to a VA Social Worker at your nearest VA Hospital or VA Clinic


Who do I contact with regards to PTSD?


                    "Every day may not be good but there is some good in every day"                              

                                     Author Unknown

  "It takes Courage, not to be discouraged" 




                          "We Understand.  We care.  We can help."

                       VETERANS CRISIS LINE (800) 273-TALK (8255)




                Vet Centers (877) WAR VETS 927-8387 www.vetcenter.va.gov





Marriage, Family or Relationship Problems


Forgetfulness, Confusion

Questions & Concerns from Family and Friends

Guilt, Shame

Avoidance of Reminders of Trauma

Disturbing Dreams, Sleeplessness

Lack of Motivation, Sluggish

Anger, Irritability, Rage

Alcohol or Substance Abuse

Deepression, Deep Sadness

Problems with Authority

Arousal, Hyper-Vigilance

Anti-Social and Risk -Taking Behaviors

Recurring Intrusive Thoughts

Distrust of Others

Isolation, Loneliness

Problems Reconnectiong with Family

Emotional Numbness, Feeling Distant

Lack of Meaningful Interaction with People

Thoughts of Killing Yourself

Someone Who Knows You Well has asked You Seek Help

A Medical or Mental Health Professional has Suggested You Seek Help