About us

Veterans For America was created specifically to Assist US Military Veterans. 





Rick P Martinez


Marv Levy


Chuck Levin


Bernard Hafter


Matthew Williams


Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist and serve Veterans.  This includes support in regards to Veteran issues.  VFA is dedicated and committed to its promise to reach out and assist Veterans.  We are Veterans who have served our great country and will continue to serve America as proud and productive citizens.  We will leave no Veteran behind in this endeavor.  Veterans For America is on a mission to end the homeless Veteran problem in America.  Most important Veterans For America is on a mission to end the tragedy of Veteran suicide.  We are a peaceful yet powerful voice in the chambers of our government fighting for the 'Benefits' and the ‘Rights’ of all Veterans.

Our Story

Veterans For America was conceived due to the financial government cut-backs during the early 1990’s.  VA medical personnel and staff were being laid-off leaving thousands of Veterans waiting longer periods of time for medical care.  A small group of Veterans began helping each other.  Those who had the financial means would help those Veterans in greater need.  This small group of compassionate Veterans became a important source of help and inspiration.  Many Veterans who received a helping hand from their fellow Veterans during those tough years have been ‘Paying it Forward’ ever since.

The Vision

Veterans For America is working along with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other Veteran Service Organizations assisting and serving Veterans.  VFA has chosen this approach based on the concept, strength in numbers to accomplish, "Great Things"!  

By building a strong united Veteran's organization and working together as a TEAM, homeless Veterans will finally have a place call home.  With the assistance from the VA Veterans and Veterans with disabilities will get the care and treatment they need. The VFA vision is for Veterans to have access to housing and VA medical care. Veterans will be working in high paying skilled positions all across the country.  Veterans will be protecting America long after they are Honorably Discharged from their active Military Service.  

Veterans For America will be a key factor in greatly reducing Veteran suicides.  The VFA website will be a Veteran's resource tool for financial assistance and other resources leading Veterans to more productive lives.  The VA can always use a helping hand and Veterans will continue to fill in by volunteering at VA Hospitals and VA Clinics throughout the United States.  

It is the VFA's greatest hope for Veterans to be the proudest most productive citizens For America.





If our Veterans are sick, let us heal them

If our Veterans are hungry, let us feed them

If our Veterans seek employment, let us employ them

If our Veterans need a friend, let us befriend them

If our Veterans need peace, let us pray for them

If our Veterans need a home, let us shelter them

For the Veterans who Served and Sacrificed for our FREEDOM

Let us show them...

America is Grateful


Rick P Martinez

Veterans For America, Founder

USMC Vietnam Veteran